Alive Sources EDI Admin for Comprehensive EDI Solutions and ERP Integrations

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Alive Fulfillment announced today that it has sourced EDI Admin, a provider of SaaS based EDI solutions, for technology implementation for several clients. EDI Admin software features include EDI and ERP integration, data enrichment, process orchestration, and connectivity and visibility tools, along with fully managed implementation and support.

Before Starting Your Kickstarter Campaign Checklist

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Sometimes the brilliant new idea that needs to reach the marketplace is the easiest part of creating a new product. Getting the funds to produce that innovative product, record that album or build that restaurant can be a daunting task that might keep you from seeing your dream turn into reality. Fortunately crowdfunding, such as… Read more »

Squarespace Order Fulfillment: Integrating Fulfillment Automation for your Store

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As of this writing, there is not a built-in solution for 3PL and fulfillment providers to automate Squarespace order fulfillment like there is for other platforms like Shopify and Magento. There are a few ways to make it work, however, depending on the type of website plan you’re running. Squarespace Order Fulfillment Via .csv Export The… Read more »

How to Optimize a Kickstarter Campaign Page

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Coolest Kickstarter Rewards

Want to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign for a new product? Take a few notes from Ryan Grepper’s record-setting $13 million campaign for a tricked-out cooler. Breaking it down to its simplest elements, there’s two parts of the Kickstarter campaign equation: traffic and conversions. Let’s assume you’re a savvy public relations and social media whiz…. Read more »

eCommerce Kitting: Reducing Cost by Kitting Orders in Advance

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For the uninitiated, eCommerce kitting refers to pre-assembly of order items into packaged kits instead of picking and packing orders as they come in. There are several types of kitting, but for eCommerce purposes, this usually comes into play by bundling products based on ordering patterns, pre-packing kits as part of 3rd party website orders… Read more »

Online Inventory and Order Management Software: Alive Announces Upgrade to DOCK

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Alive Companies, an eCommerce fulfillment and web solutions company located in Rogers, MN, announced today that it is re-platforming its online inventory and order management software with a phase 1 beta scheduled for release November 1st, 2014. The Phase 1 upgrade will include a modern interface design, real time inventory tracking, a wholesale ordering portal,… Read more »

Amazon Fulfillment Alternatives: Debunking World Takeover Myths

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When I tell people we’re in the fulfillment business, I very often get looks of surprise that we still exist when Amazon is basically taking over the world. With all the talk of drones, same day shipping, new 1 million square foot warehouses popping up every day, is there any hope for Amazon fulfillment alternatives?… Read more »

Dimensional Weight Pricing: Time to Reevaluate Those Boxes

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UPS and FedEx have recently announced they will price all ground shipments using dimensional weight, also known as DIM Weight, starting January 1, 2015. Dimensional weight pricing, used in shipping and freight, is billing based on the length, width and height of a package instead of just the package’s weight. Before these announcements, dimensional weight… Read more »

Jeffrey Kemnitz to Lead Marketing Services Division

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Rogers, MN – Alive Fulfillment is excited to announce that Jeffrey Kemnitz has joined the team to lead our newly established digital marketing services division. Jeff was most recently with ClickToShop, an Inc. 5000, Internet Retail Second 500 and Minneapolis-St Paul Business Journal Fast 50 company. As head of marketing, Jeff grew the multi-brand internet… Read more »