Before Starting Your Kickstarter Campaign Checklist

January 9, 2015 by

Sometimes the brilliant new idea that needs to reach the marketplace is the easiest part of creating a new product. Getting the funds to produce that innovative product, record that album or build that restaurant can be a daunting task that might keep you from seeing your dream turn into reality. Fortunately crowdfunding, such as a Kickstarter campaign platform, allows you to fundraise on a large scale where backers can make your dreams become reality.

When planning a crowdfunded campaign, it is important to make sure the platform fits what you want to have funded.  If you want to reward your backers, most times using the product you wish to create or produce, then Kickstarter is a great place for you. Unique ideas and creative or interesting products have a way of reaching their funding goals. But, in addition to your one of a kind product, it is important to have a plan. A Kickstarter campaign cannot reach its funding goal without a lot of upfront work and preparation even before you launch.

Our Kickstarter Campaign Planning Checklist

  • Create a timeline. Set realistic funding goals and deadlines for your projects.
  • Create a budget. How much can you realistically raise and why?
  • Design a simple, well-thought-out rewards system.
  • Anticipate how you will carry out manufacturing and fulfillment.
  • Script and shoot a stunning video by telling your story.
  • Find blogs that will help you spread the word.
  • Craft an email pitch to bloggers by introducing the project. Describe why you’re writing and why it will benefit his/her readers.
  • Write professional content using short paragraphs for your page catering to all types of your target audience.
  • Draft a press release to be sent out after the launch.
  • Use professional public relations services like PRWeb and send to local media outlets that might want to tell your story.

Fully funded campaigns require upfront preparation in regards to planning, budgeting, marketing ideas, and timelines. Creative copy and content for your video and Kickstarter site must be created along with your social media platforms that will be used during your campaign.  Research needs to be done regarding looking for groups of people that might be interested in your project. Being prepared before your launch will allow for less frantic times during the campaign.

Planning a Kickstarter campaign takes effort and an enormous amount of time but, in the end, it can allow you to reach your goal making it worth the while.