How to Optimize a Kickstarter Campaign Page

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Coolest Kickstarter Rewards

Want to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign for a new product? Take a few notes from Ryan Grepper’s record-setting $13 million campaign for a tricked-out cooler. Breaking it down to its simplest elements, there’s two parts of the Kickstarter campaign equation: traffic and conversions. Let’s assume you’re a savvy public relations and social media whiz…. Read more »

IndieGoGo Fulfillment: Getting Your Perks Out the Door

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If you’ve just finished a successful IndieGoGo campaign, you’re probably about to start scrambling to figure out how to get perks out to your funders. As a fulfillment house with over 25 years of experience, we highly advise you to outsource your IndieGoGo fulfillment needs to a reputable company like ours. Putting things in boxes… Read more »