eCommerce Kitting: Reducing Cost by Kitting Orders in Advance

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For the uninitiated, eCommerce kitting refers to pre-assembly of order items into packaged kits instead of picking and packing orders as they come in. There are several types of kitting, but for eCommerce purposes, this usually comes into play by bundling products based on ordering patterns, pre-packing kits as part of 3rd party website orders… Read more »

Amazon Fulfillment Alternatives: Debunking World Takeover Myths

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When I tell people we’re in the fulfillment business, I very often get looks of surprise that we still exist when Amazon is basically taking over the world. With all the talk of drones, same day shipping, new 1 million square foot warehouses popping up every day, is there any hope for Amazon fulfillment alternatives?… Read more »

Free Shopify Website Design Offered for New Fulfillment Accounts

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shopify fulfillment services

Shopify Expert Alive Companies has an outstanding, limited time offer for prospective and current Shopify users. Here’s the scoop: become an Alive Fulfillment client and we’ll give you a free website design set up. For current store owners, we’ll give you $500 of Shopify design and development work on your store for free. The offer… Read more »

Shopify Fulfillment App from Alive Fulfillment Now Available in App Store

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shopify fulfillment services

The Alive Fulfillment App is now available in the Shopify App store! The app, which can be found by searching for Alive or “fulfillment” in the app store, allows Shopify users to tap into Alive’s online inventory management system and a wide range of fulfillment services, including pick and pack, kitting and assembly, Internet marketing… Read more »

Alive Fulfillment and eCommHub Partner to Provide Integrated e-commerce Services

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Alive Fulfillment today announced a new strategic partnership with eCommHub™, allowing the two companies to seamlessly provide integrated online e-commerce and fulfillment solutions to their clients. eCommHub™ is a drop-shipping software platform for online stores that rely on third-party vendors, distributors, suppliers, or fulfillment centers. eCommHub integrates with leading shopping cart platforms like Shopify, Magento,… Read more »

Shopify Fulfillment Services Added to e-commerce Capabilities

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AliveFulfillment is excited to announce that it has integrated its Minneapolis, MN fulfillment and warehousing capabilities with the popular 3rd party e-commerce provider Shopify. With Shopify e-commerce and fulfillment services, website owners will get the best in web-based technology while also receiving more involved fulfillment attention. Unlike bigger fulfillment providers, customers of Alive Fulfillment receive… Read more »