Dimensional Weight Pricing: Time to Reevaluate Those Boxes

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Dimensional Weight

UPS and FedEx have recently announced they will price all ground shipments using dimensional weight, also known as DIM Weight, starting January 1, 2015. Dimensional weight pricing, used in shipping and freight, is billing based on the length, width and height of a package instead of just the package’s weight. Before these announcements, dimensional weight… Read more »

Shipwire Alternatives: Beyond One-Size-Fits-All Fulfillment

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At Alive Fulfillment we often talk to prospective clients about their experience with Shipwire. Though there are many benefits to using Shipwire, such as comprehensive online management software and a network of global warehouses, not everything is peaches and cream. Here are the common complaints: Inventory and order minimums Stringent labeling and barcoding requirements Lack… Read more »

Fuel Surcharge Rates for UPS, FedEx, Long Haul and LTL

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Fuel surcharges can have a direct relation to how much you are paying for freight.   All freight carriers charge you for them, but they usually will not tell you how much they are unless you ask specifically. UPS & FedEx fuel surcharges change on a month to month basis.  Example:  UPS Ground Surcharge Monday… Read more »

Small Package Carrier Changes for 2011

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You may have noticed that in 2011 you seem to be paying more for your UPS & FedEx deliveries.  Below is a quick look at package delivery increases for both carriers and the United States Postal Service (USPS). UPS rate changes 2011 Ground package rates increased by an average of a net 4.9% Air and… Read more »