living social fulfillment


barre3-logoBarre3 came to Alive Fuflillment with a simple request: fulfill daily orders from their Shopify website so that they can focus on the marketing and franchising work that they do best.

Two years later, Barre3 operates a bustling e-commerce and retail business with studio locations throughout the US.  Alive Fulfillment, meanwhile, has kept pace with the increase in order volume though direct integration with their Shopify e-commerce cart.

As Barre3 has grown, then have run campaigns on daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social, featuring product kits with barre workout balls, branded water bottles, clothing, and other accessories. To handle daily deal fulfillment, Alive Fulfillment conducted a time study for each kit and provided Barre3 with project pricing, then ran kitting lines using branded packaging to ensure the product was delivered in a timely manner.

As Barre3 continues to grow through e-commerce and other digital marketing channels, Alive Fulfillment remains dedicated to keep pace technologically with whatever digital opporutnity they seize next.

“I highly recommend Alive Fulfillment services, this company is my gold standard on customer service. They handle small and large orders for our large national company in an accurate, efficient, and cost effective manner. Their attention to detail is superb – and they are super friendly in the process. Can’t say enough great things about them!”