Calm the Ham – Poster Fulfillment & Shipping

featured-logoCalm The Ham is a boutique design and independent art company located in Brooklyn, New York, specializing in limited edition runs of custom design posters and prints. Calm sells product online via their own e-commerce store at, and also sells wholesale to retailers throughout the world.

Having burned out on packing and taping boxes when their orders increased dramatically, Calm looked for a fulfillment center that could provide daily poster fulfillment services while treating each print with care and respect.

Alive Fulfillment, with a history of providing extraordinary customer account management and customized services, was a good match. It also helped that Alive Fulfillment is automated directly with Shopify and was able to fulfill orders from the website within 24 hours of receiving inventory.

On an ongoing basis, Calm sends Alive new prints and custom packaging that they designed themselves. Alive pulls the Shopify order information directly into their Warehouse Management system and pushes shipping and tracking information back into their store at the end of each day, allowing Calm to maintain their standard of customer service.