Easy and Oskey

Easy and Oskey is a maker of homemade bitters kits and, soon to come, a variety of other innovative, well-branded products centered on culinary pursuits in the home. With bigger tasks on their plate than picking and packing, E&O sourced Alive Fulfillment for custom fulfillment services for their online store and the many reseller websites where its products are featured.

Having designed and developed many Shopify stores before, Alive was able to guide E&O through the website set up process, eventually helping them decide to use the Shopify product embedding application to allow them to overlay their e-commerce on top of a WordPress site that they had previously built.

With the quick setup of the order integration process with Shopify, the Easy and Oskey fulfillment operation was up and running in a matter of days, allowing them to fully take advantage of the wonderful press it received from the Heavy Table, StarTribune, MPR, Delta Sky, and other reputable magazines and news sources.

“I would absolutely recommend Alive Fulfillment to a friend or colleague. For one, they helped me set up my Shopify store at no cost. Secondly, their integration with both Shopify and other 3rd party sites where we have our product listed has been really easy. Third, their service has been really good — very nice people who know what they’re doing. I was worried about the cost of using 3rd party fulfillment at first but I’m glad I can focus on other aspects of my business.”