Gentleman’s Gazette – Apparel Fulfillment Services

featured-logoGentleman’s Gazette is an example of a new kind of business, one that breaks through commodity shopping into truly value driven¬†space. A lifestyle driven concept, Gentleman’s Gazette built an audience by continually developing and publishing interesting content, THEN launched an eCommerce store to support the brand and create an additional profit center.

In need of apparel fulfillment services that required customization, such as custom wrapping and note cards, it became clear that Amazon wasn’t going to be able to help given their rigid rules and restrictions. ¬†Instead, Gentleman’s Gazette sourced Alive for apparel order fulfillment services, ensuring that their ties, shirts, and accessories could be custom packaged as needed.

To facilitate growth of their eCommerce store, Alive provides dedicated account management services and custom online reporting, including inventory, order, and location management capabilities.