InnerWorkings is a leading global marketing supply chain company focusing on brand quality, consistency and efficiency while leveraging technology and industry experts on a global scale.

Always on the look out for partners who can help better serve their clients, InnerWorkings sources Alive Fulfillment for high touch, high variation POP kitting and assembly services — the kind of projects not just any fulfillment house can handle efficiently or effectively.

Projects include 10k race signage and t-shirt logistics for Lifetime Fitness, requiring customized kitting, packing, and shipping logistics for over 20 different cities; High touch assembly and shipping of POP displays for Polaris retail stores; custom print fulfillment for Subway restaurants.

All told, when InnerWorkings needs a complex fulfillment project done right and on time, Alive Fulfillment provides the expertise and man power to get it done, even if it’s last minute.