kickstarter fulfillment services

More and more businesses are using Kickstarter to fund their creative ideas and product manufacturing .Others are using as a regular part of their marketing plans, conducting quarterly or even monthly campaigns to fund their initiatives. No matter how you want to fund your project, it is important to have the proper campaign platform for your product or service in order to reach your funding goal.

Alive provides Kickstarter fulfillment services for current clients and clients with one-off project needs, whether it’s a new product rollout or fulfillment for books, games, t-shirts or other reward products. We at Alive can help you navigate through the world of online fundraising by creating your own Kickstarter campaign. By providing you with planning documentation, proper goal setting timelines and social media management platforms, we can help you reach your funding goal. Our pricing is based on the scope and complexity of your campaign and our Minneapolis location is convenient and cost-effective for shipping anywhere to the US and Canada.