Fuel Surcharge Rates for UPS, FedEx, Long Haul and LTL

April 14, 2011 by

Fuel surcharges can have a direct relation to how much you are paying for freight.   All freight carriers charge you for them, but they usually will not tell you how much they are unless you ask specifically.

UPS & FedEx fuel surcharges change on a month to month basis.  Example:  UPS Ground Surcharge Monday March 7th 2011 – Sunday April 3rd the surcharge rate is 6.50% of package freight cost, Monday April 4th-Sunday May 1nst is 7.50% of package freight cost. Generally Air and International surcharge rates are higher than ground surcharge rates.  Example:  UPS Air and International Surcharge Monday March 7th 2011 – Sunday April 3rd us 11.00% of package freight cost.  Monday April 4th-Sunday May 1st is 13% package freight cost

Long Haul & LTL surcharge rates generally change weekly.  These rates are based on the national average for fuel, and they are adjusted every Wednesday.  For LTL shipments the total fuel surcharge is based on a percentage of shipment cost.  For full truck loads the fuel surcharge rate is based on a per mile rate.  Click here for a rough idea of fuel prices