Kickstarter Fulfillment — Order and Inventory Management Services

December 13, 2012 by

In the back of your mind you knew there was a chance your Kickstarter project would blow the roof off of your sales. Then it actually happened.  Like most Kickstarter entrepreneurs, you probably needed the funds to produce your product.  Now you’ve got to produce it, and it needs to get out the door just as fast as it came in.  Odds are you have no idea how to do Kickstarter Fulfillment.

Given the time crunch you’ll be under, it doesn’t make any sense to learn about packing peanuts, shipping rates, and how to set up a pick and pack line.  You’re better off simply sending your Kickstarter inventory to a reputable order fulfillment house like Alive.

At Alive, you’ll get a dedicated account manager, online access to inventory and shipping information, unlimited shipping options, and more.

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