Social Media

Alive Fulfillment provides social media marketing as well as search engine optimization(SEO) services by doing business alongside Alive Wired, a leading provider of Internet marketing services in the Twin Cities area. Alive Wired is an expert in social media marketing, including strategy and content planning and development.

Social media marketing techniques work best when adapted to the specific business goals of each client, taking into consideration the talents and resources available. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Fancy, LinkedIn, and Google + are just a few of the social media tools Alive Wired leverages to build awareness and drive traffic for clients.

Social media marketing work is packaged by the hour or as a monthly retainer, and often crosses over into SEO, website updates, email marketing, custom website development, and other areas where appropriate.

Contact us today to talk about integrated fulfillment, e-commerce, and Internet marketing services that will free up your time and drive sales.

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