Dimensional Weight Pricing: Time to Reevaluate Those Boxes

June 20, 2014 by

UPS and FedEx have recently announced they will price all ground shipments using dimensional weight, also known as DIM Weight, starting January 1, 2015. Dimensional weight pricing, used in shipping and freight, is billing based on the length, width and height of a package instead of just the package’s weight. Before these announcements, dimensional weight pricing was applied only to packages shipping by air, international or ground packages with a dimensional weight greater than three cubic feet.

The dimensional weight pricing calculation for shipping is Length x Width x Height of the box divided by the Dimensional Factor. The dimensional factor for domestic shipments is 166 and 139 for international shipments. This calculation will give you the dimensional weight of your package. Any fraction will need to be increase to the next whole pound. Measurements can be made all in inches or all in centimeters, but the appropriate dimensional factor (domestic or international) must also be used.Dimensional Weight

Your next step as a Company…

1. Evaluate your current packaging. Is your packaging too big for your average order?

2. See what is out there: Is there a smaller box or solution such as a bubble envelope that would make more sense? Go to Go to Uline.com and shop around…

3. Custom: Perhaps that custom solution you passed on last time makes more sense now.

As dimensional weight pricing comes into play, keeping your companies’ packaging uniform is a great way to keep your shipping costs under control.